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Zuo Gui Wan 左 歸 丸

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Source: Collected Treatises of [Zhang] Jing-Yue (1624)

Indication: Kidney Yin Deficiency with depleted Essence, Marrow

Symptoms: Lightheadedness, vertigo, tinnitus, soreness and weakness in the lower back and legs, spontaneous and nocturnal emissions, spontaneous and night sweats, dry mouth and throat, thirst

Tongue: red, peeled, shiny; Pulse: thin, rapid

This formula strongly tonifies the true yin. Largely sweet herbs are used to strengthen water. The chief, in a large dose uses warm and sweet to tonify the true yin of the five yin organs. Five deputies support the chief synergistically. The temperature of half of the constituents is neutral, and they gently nourish the Kidneys, Liver, and Spleen, and provide overall balance to the formula. Salty and cold Gui Ban Jiao and is able to sedate the Liver Yang as well as cool deficiency heat.