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Ba Zhen Tang 八 珍 湯

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Source:Experiential Formulas from the Auspicious Bamboo Hall (1326)

Indication: Qi and Blood Deficiency

Symptoms: Pallid or sallow complexion, palpitations with anxiety that may be continuous, reduced appetite.

Tongue: pale, white; Pulse: thin, frail or large, deficient, forceless

The modular architecture of the formula is important combining Si Jun Si Tang and Si Wu Tang. It treats both Qi and Blood deficiency equally. The chiefs (Ren Shen, Shu Di) and most the constituents are sweet and warm and tonify Qi and Blood. The acrid herbs act to invigorate the Qi and Blood to prevent stagnation and to aid in the generation of new Blood. In addition, as a whole, this formula is slightly bitter, which has a down moving action on the Qi and Blood.