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Si Jun Zi Tang 四 君 子 湯

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Source: Formulary of the Pharmacy Service for Benefiting the People in the Taiping Era (1107)

Indication: Spleen + Stomach Qi Deficiency

Symptoms: Pallid complexion, low and soft voice, reduced appetite, loose stools, and weakness in the limbs.

Tongue: pale; Pulse: thin, weak

Though simple, Si Jun Zi Tang is the basis of many qi tonic formulas. The treatment strategy for this formula is to tonify qi and strengthen the Spleen. This is achieved largely by sweet and warm herbs that tonify, and bitter and warm (Bai Zhu) that strengthen and dry the Spleen. Together, these improve the transportive and transformative functions of Spleen qi. In addition, sweet and bland (Fu Ling) leach out damp and support the Spleen. In combination, these herbs tonify the middle jiao, move qi, dispel damp, and support T&T, all without being too drying.