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Shen Ling Bai Zhu San 參 苓 白 朮 散

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Source: Formulary of the Pharmacy Service for Benefiting the People in the Taiping Era (1107)

Indication: Spleen Qi Deficiency leading to Dampness

Symptoms: Loose stools or diarrhea, reduced appetite, weakness of the extremities, weight loss, distention and a stifling sensation in the chest and epigastrium, pallid and wan complexion.

Tongue: pale, white; Pulse: thin, moderate or deficient, moderate

The ingredients of Si Jun Zi Tang together form the chiefs of this formula, and utilizes warm, sweet, bland and bitter to tonify the middle jiao, dispel damp, and support the transportive and transformative (T&T) function of Spleen qi, all without being too drying. Shen Ling Bai Zhu San treats diarrhea that has no heat signs, but the T&T is so broken, it leads to Dampness. Using acrid and aromatic herbs to transform the Damp and promote the movement of qi, it tonifies without causing stagnation.