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Long Dan Xie Gan Tang 龍 膽 瀉 肝 湯

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Source: Medical Formulas Collected and Analyzed (1682)

Indication: Excess Heat or Damp-Heat in the Liver and/or Gallbladder channel

Symptoms: Headache, dizziness, red and sore eyes, hearing loss, swelling in the ears, bitter taste, irritability, short temper, hypochondria pain. This could also be: difficult and painful urination with a sense of heat in the urethra, swollen and sweating pruritic external genitalia, foul smelling leukorrhea, shortened menstrual cycle with red-purple blood. Shingles.

Tongue: red, yellow (maybe greasy); Pulse: wiry, rapid, full (maybe slippery)

This formula is very cold and bitter and drains fire and eliminates damp-heat. Acrid, LDXGT disperses constraint in the Liver and Gallbladder channels to clear heat. Sweet, cold and bland herbs with a tropism for the UB eliminate damp-heat from the lower burner by promoting urination. Sweet tonifing herbs supplement the yin, nourish the blood, and harmonize the middle to counter the other harsh cold bitter medicinals in this formula.