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Yu Ping Feng San 玉 屛 風 散

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Source: Researching Original Formulas (1213)

Indication: Wei Qi Deficiency

Symptoms: Aversion to drafts, spontaneous sweating, recurrent colds, shiny and pale complexion

Tongue: pale, white; Pulse: floating, deficient, soft

This formula with the potent, sweet and warm Huang Qi strengthens the wei qi to stabilize the exterior. Sun Si Miao's formula for "sweating that does not stop" has one ingredient: Bai Zhu. Together these herbs strengthen Metal (Lungs) by cultivating Earth (Spleen). Although acrid, sweet, and warm, Fang Feng is regarded as "the moistening medicinal among the wind herbs" and does not damage fluids or the Lungs. This is a unique example of dispersing while tonifying as a means to stabilize the exterior, expel wind, and tonfiy the Wei qi.