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Da Cheng Qi Tang 大 承 氣 湯

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Source: Six Texts on Cold Damage (1445)

Indication: Exterior Wind-Cold (Tai Yang) transforming to heat in the Interior (Yang Ming)

Symptoms: Pathogenic factors invade the yang ming organs, generate heat mixed with turbidity in the Stomach and Large Intestines, and injure the fluids, causing stool to accumulate in the Intestines, blocks qi and peristalsis is dysfunctional. Symptoms are characterized by tidal fever, distention, pain that resists touch, sweating hands and feet, and may be accompanied by headache, stiffness in the extremities, orbital eye pain, dry nose, irritability, insomnia

Tongue: red or purple with dry, dark yellow, or black coat; Pulse: deep, forceful, rapid