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Xiao Yao San 逍 遙 散

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Source: Formulary of the Pharmacy Service for Benefiting the People in the Taiping Era (1107)

Indication: Liver Qi Stagnation + Liver Bood, Spleen Qi deficiency

Symptoms: Headache, vertigo, a bitter taste in the mouth, dry mouth and throat, fatigue, reduced appetite, hypochondriac pain, alternating fever and chills, PMS with distended breasts.

Tongue: pale red; Pulse: wiry, empty

The focus of this formula is on spreading Liver qi to relieve constraint. Cool Chai Hu relieves the constraint that has transformed heat. In addition, bitter and acrid herbs in this formula drain and disperse heat associated with constraint. Nourishing sweet herbs are used to address the qi and blood deficiency.