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Xue Fu Zhu Yu Tang 血 府 逐 瘀 湯

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Source: Correction of Errors among Physicians (1830)

Indication: Blood Stasis in the Chest

Symptoms: Impairment of Blood flow in the area above the diaphragm obstructs the movement of Qi in the chest, manifesting as pain in the chest and hypochondria. Chronic stubborn headache with a fixed, piercing quality, chronic incessant hiccup, a choking sensation while drinking, dry heaves, depression or low spirits accompanied by a sensation of warmth in the chest, palpitations, insomnia, restless sleep, irritability, extreme mood swings, evening tidal fever, purplish lips, complexion or sclera.

Tongue: dark red, dark spots on sides; Pulse: choppy, wiry, tight