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Wu Zhu Yu Tang 吳 茱 萸 湯

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Source: Discussion of Cold Damage (c. 220)

Indication: Yang Ming (Stomach) deficiency cold; Jue Yin (Liver) deficiency cold; Shao Yin (Kidney) channel cold

Symptoms: Although this formula treats several patterns, vomiting and Stomach deficiency cold present in all. Also vomiting immediately after eating, indeterminate gnawing hunger, vertex headache, dry heaves, vomiting and diarrhea with cold hands and feet. The combination of symptoms can present so severely, the patient feels they want to die.

Tongue: white slippery; Pulse: thin, slow, wiry

The formula uses a combined strategy of warming and tonifying while directing qi rebellion down to stop vomiting. The chief Wu Zhu Yu is hot and effectively warms the middle and disperse cold, it is acrid and promotes the movement of qi, its bitter aspect directs rebellion downward. To treat deficiency cold, a formula must warm and tonify. Sweet and warm (Ren Shen and Da Zao) tonify the qi the middle jiao to accomplish this function.