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Chai Ge Jie Ji Tang 柴 葛 解 肌 湯

Wind Cold

Gui Zhi Tang 桂 枝 湯

Wind Heat

Sang Ju Yin 桑 菊 飲
Yin Qiao San 銀 翹 散
Chai Ge Jie Ji Tang 柴 葛 解 肌 湯

Wind Cold Damp + Interior Deficiency

Ren Shen Bai Du San 人 参 败 毒 散

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Source: Six Texts on Cold Damage (1445)

Indication: Exterior Wind-Cold (Tai Yang) transforming to heat inthe Interior (Yang Ming)

Symptoms: An exterior wind-cold presentation charachterized by increasing fever and decreasing chills, accompanied by headache, stiffness in the extremities, orbital eye pain, dry nose, irritability, insomnia.

Tongue: normal or red + thin yellow coat; Pulse: floating, slightly surging